INDION® Specialty Chemical Treatment Programmes

Global Technology offers a complete range of world-class speciality, customised chemical treatment programs for utility and process applications in all industries.

Our INDION® Specialty Water Treatment Programme includes cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, fireside treatment, coagulants, flocculants, antiscalants, membrane cleaning chemicals and water testing kits. We also offer a range of INDION® speciality chemicals for sugar, paper, petro-refinery, mining and other processes.

INDION® Cooling Water Treatment Programmes

We offer a broad range of environmentally safe treatment programmes for open recirculating cooling water systems

INDION® Boiler Water Treatment

We offer a wide range of boiler water treatment programmes for low, medium, and high-pressure boilers to prevent deposits and corrosion in pre-boiler, boiler, and post-boiler systems.

INDION® Fireside Treatment

We offer a broad range of environmentally safe treatment programmes for open recirculating cooling water systems.

INDION® Antiscalants & Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

These prevent scaling & fouling of reverse osmosis membranes and remove biofoulants, organics, metal oxides/hydroxides & other colloidal/particulate based foulants and helps in the dispersal of suspended solids and colloids.

INDION® Autochem

Our cooling and boiling water processes are supported by our very own INDION® Autochem system which helps in real time monitoring, analysis and control of the treatment program, resulting in better performance, greater efficiency and cost optimization. It also helps to adhere to environmental, health & safety compliances.

INDION® Easy Test Kit

Complementing the above range of speciality chemicals, is our INDION® Easy Test Kit designed for on-the-spot analysis of water without any use of sophisticated equipments and analysers. It is a simpler adaptation of classical chemical analysis methods mainly based on standard methods for examination of water and waste water. The complete range of INDION® EASY TEST Water Quality Products come with individual outfits, combination kits and refills to accomplish this task.